Why is it important to analyze KPIs in social media reporting?

Before we go into details, let’s talk about the meaning and importance of KPIs.

KPI stands for KEY PERFORMANCE INDICATOR and it is a set of tools that you use to measure the performance of, in this case, your social media.

To monitor the performance of social networks, you must have certain benchmarks, the results of which you will observe over a certain period.

Different social networks require monitoring of different benchmarks, as well as different companies have different criteria for monitoring these same benchmarks. Furthermore, different strategies also require the analysis of different elements.

Although certain benchmarks are recommended to follow, you choose which ones you want to focus on and which will most reliably show you the results you are looking for.

Let’s start!

KPIs must be adapted to the network format. With that in mind, these are among the more important basic criteria on these social networks:

Facebook: Reach, impression, likes, video views, link clicks, comments, shares, followers.
Youtube: Total watch time, video views, engagements, followers.
Instagram: Reach, impression, post interaction, video views, followers.
TikTok: Total play time, engagements, video views, hashtag performance, followers.
Pinterest: Impression, engagements, outbound clicks, followers.
Twitter: Impression, engagements, link clicks, profile visits, followers.
Linkedin: Impression, unique impression, downloads, engagements, engagement rate.


Reach captures individual people who saw your content since it went live. It is important because it gives you an insight into what your audience prefers and finds interesting.

The bigger the reach, the better the results.

It is important to point out that it should not be mixed with impressions. For example. The reach of 10, can generate 50 impressions.

Impressions indicate how many times your post has been seen regardless of whether users interact with it. As I already mentioned, it does not show how many people had seen it, but how many times even by the same users. That is why impression is always higher than reach.

This metric is important because it gives you an idea of what content is more or less attractive to your audience. You can use it to measure brand awareness. Also, if you have a lot of impressions and not many interactions, it can indicate a lack of interest from your audience.


Interaction can be divided into: likes, shares, comments, mentions, tags and saves.

Likes and comments are a great method to engage users. Likes (and other reactions) help users to express their feelings about a certain post. Comments allow them to go into detail. Share helps them to distribute the content. Using save, they can view it once again in the future. Mentions increase popularity.

Fun facts!
The most mentioned brand in 2022 on Instagram is Zara.
Everything liked and commented on Facebook shows up in the news feed increasing the reach and impressions.
Did you know that the most liked photo on Instagram is the one posted by Messi after winning the world cup?


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Usually, looking at these KPIs – the more the merrier!


Video views indicate how many times your video has been seen. On Youtube, views are of crucial importance. With the appearance of TikTok, reels became the most important part of most social media.

If you are not getting the results you hoped for, try to identify the problem, video content, length, current trends or promotion method.

Here is the most viewed video on Youtube:



The number of followers was not a big deal at the beginning of the social media era. Today, people have recognized the economic potential and used social media presence to their advantage.

The more followers you have, the bigger the influence. An influencer is a new job developed in recent years that took over promotion and marketing methods. A large number of followers also makes a brand look reliable.

More followers in most cases simply means more money.

Tracking your social media progress is essential to the development of your brand. Therefore, you have to constantly research the market, follow the short-term trends and analyze the KPIs you set as important.

Many other KPIs could be mentioned and analyzed. We will stop at the basics, but we advise you to explore the details to create the best strategy for you and your brand. Keep recording the progress, analyze all the results and make changes that will raise you above the competition. GOOD LUCK!

Photo: Pexels (Kerde Severin)