Top 20 most followed TikTok accounts (August, 2023)

TikTok has unquestionably risen to become one of the most successful social media platforms, making a mark not only today but since the emergence of the social media industry. The influence of TikTok has been so remarkable that numerous individuals have been able to forge entire careers and ensure substantial earnings solely through their activity on this platform. Its ability to cater precisely to its audience’s preferences has been so accurate that it prompted other media outlets to adopt similar features, such as the introduction of “reels,” in a bid to remain competitive and attuned to trends.

Having all of that in mind, we would like to draw attention to the 20 most widely followed personalities on TikTok. This compilation serves as a compelling illustration of the significant and transformative influence that this platform can have on an individual’s life, their professional trajectory, and the broader area of the industry itself.

20. LOREN GRAY – @lorengray: 54.2m followers

19. KYLIE JENNER – @kyliejenner: 54.5m followers

18. SPENCER POLANCO NIGHT – @spencerx: 55.1m followers

17. WON JEONG – @ox_zung: 56.0m followers

16. DIXIE D`AMELIO – @dixiedamelio: 57.0m followers

15. JASON DERULO – @jasonderulo:  58.2m followers

14. SELENA GOMEZ – @selenagomez: 59.3m followers

13. BTS – @bts_official_bighit: 62.1m followers

12. DOMINIK LIPA – @domelipa: 68.5m followers

11. DWAYNE JOHNSON – @therock: 72.2m followers

10. BURAK OZDEMIR – @cznburak: 73.5m followers

9. WILL SMITH – @willsmith: 73.6m followers

8. TIK TOK – @tiktok: 74.5m followers

7. KIMBERLY LOAIZA – @kimberly.loaiza: 77.0m followers

6. ZACH KING – @zachking: 78.6m followers

5. JAMES STEVEN DONALDSON – @mrbeast: 86.9m followers

4. ADDISON RAE – @addisonre: 88.4m followers

3. BELLA POARCH – @bellapoarch: 92.7m followers

2. CHARLI D`AMELIO – @charlidamelio: 151.2m followers

1. KHABANE LAME – @khaby.lame: 161.9m followers


PHOTO: Pixabay (geralt)