Top 10 Youtube channels with most followers in the USA

Being an influencer became a very big business, with which it is possible to achieve an incredible career and inevitably great earnings. Positioning yourself as a successful content creator and a specialist in a particular domain requires an incredible amount of effort, time, research, creativity and a bit of luck.

Youtube is certainly a place where not all possibilities have been discovered yet, as evidenced by the appearance of influencers, new marketing, advertisements, the implementation of short videos, adaptation to competitors and similar changes that only make YouTube more successful.

By following changes in the industry and taking steps in the right direction, certain influencers managed to reach an enviable position – Youtube top in the USA.

Almost half of the most successful are children or channels dedicated to children. This tells us a lot about how much childhoods have changed and how much society has become digitized in an extremely short period of time. Although digital literacy is of increasing importance and the fact is that children learn the fastest, will this much exposure to technology on children have a negative impact on their future? This question is asked by us who grew up in a different environment, but we heard the same questions from our parents and today’s children will ask their children the same questions.

Today, we ask children which influencers they are following, but who did you follow as a kid? And more importantly, HOW?

In any case, we have progressed as a society and as technical experts and we are yet to discover new opportunities and jobs. We are very eager to see in which direction youtube influencing will develop and what will be the next step.

The rest of the list includes influencers, content creators and the biggest DIY channel. By showing interest in certain content, we can see a lot about the audience’s preferences and needs. Therefore, from this list we can partially analyze the desire and inclination of the audience in the USA.

We bring you the list of YouTubers with the most subscribers:

1, Cocomelon – Nursery Rhymes
@CoComelon – 157M subscribers

2. MrBeast
@MrBeast – 140M subscribers

3. PewDiePie
@PewDiePie – 111M subscribers

4.Kids Diana Show
@KidsDianaShow – 110M subscribers

5. Like Nastya
@LikeNastyaofficial – 105M subscribers

6. Vlad and Niki
@VladandNiki – 95.8M subscribers

7. 5-Minute Crafts
@5MinuteCraftsYouTube – 79.5M subscribers

8. Justin Bieber
@justinbieber – 71.2M subscribers

9. Pinkfong Baby Shark – Kids’ Songs & Stories
@Pinkfong – 66.5M subscribers

10. Dude Perfect
@dudeperfect – 59.2M subscribers


Photo by Joshua Miranda, Pexels.