Top 10 most followed people on instagram (May, 2023)

Social networks have never been more important in everyday life than they are today, and this trend keeps growing. While most of us use social networks for leisure, some people have used them for various promotions, work, entertainment or popularity.

It is fascinating that people who have a lot of followers earn interesting sums of money with their posts. For example, the most followed ones, which we will mention today, earn more than a million dollars per post.

The absolute top of Instagram is extremely difficult to reach, so let’s see who sits on that throne.

10. JUSTIN BIEBER – 289m followers

9. KHLOE KARDASHIAN – 306m followers

8. BEYONCE KNOWLES – 308m followers

7. KIM KARDASHIAN – 355m followers

6. ARIANA GRANDE – 370m followers

5. DWAYNE JOHNSON – 379m followers

4. KYLIE JENNER – 390m followers

3. SELENA GOMEZ – 416m followers

2. LEO MESSI – 461m followers

1. CHRISTIANO RONALDO – 582m followers

Photo: Pexels (Lisa Fotios)