The most interactive newsletters

A newsletter is a great way to reach a large number of people. And not only that but also reaching people who are interested in your brand. This automatically gives you an advantage when communicating with your audience. What you need to work on is winning over an already-won audience. Therefore, you have to animate them so that they remain loyal and long-term customers.

Using the newsletter means that you already have a communication channel. But how to make the best use of it? Make it interactive. Most newsletters go unnoticed and untouched and this is exactly what should be avoided. Your goal is for the recipient to take an interest in your e-mail, open it and view the content. We will give you some creative ideas on how to achieve this.


By including the option to view a product or service in multiple ways, you’ll make your email more appealing to people who are already interested in what you’re selling. It is always good for the customer to be able to check the product from multiple angles, in different sizes and colors or in different places.

An excellent example of this is Ikea, which offers its customers the option of digitally inspecting the furniture in the room.

You will present your product or service in a great way, and the customer will be satisfied that they got a good insight into what they potentially want to buy.


Brands frequently invite the audience to follow them on social networks, and this is often manifested through a newsletter. In this way, you reach an audience that you know has a high chance of actually following you.

Although almost every newsletter has social media stickers somewhere at the bottom or on the side, sometimes it is good to put them in the foreground and make them more attractive so that people can follow you on one of the other available channels.

In the same way, you can send invitations to participate in your events like meetings, webinars, education, etc. Instead of just sending an invitation, make it interactive so people have something to click on and eventually sign up to participate.


People like to be asked for their opinion and they like to express it. So, give them what they want. Reviews can be recorded in several places (google, websites, social media…), but you can use your newsletter to encourage customers to review.

This will work in your favor because it will show the audience that you care about their opinion. Not only will you build a long-term relationship with this move (read more about long-term customer relationship HERE), but you will also make your newsletter more attractive.


Building on the previous paragraph in which it is mentioned that the audience likes to express their opinion, through the newsletter you can ask them for different comments or viewpoints about your brand, market or certain products.

By conducting an interactive survey, you will create a newsletter that will statistically generate more interaction than any other newsletter. Such a survey should be short and not complex without too many clicks.


Create a quiz about your own product or service to make it easier for the customer to choose what they need. This tactic will help you in several ways: to see the audience preferences and to direct the sales flow. The audience will be interested to see the offer, and you have the power to choose what you want to offer them.

This newsletter is not only interactive but also shows current audience interests.

Photo: Pexels (, Alleksana)