The elements of a great LinkedIn profile

LinkedIn is like an online business card with elements of a social network. One of the great ways to find a job, recruit or present your business opportunities is to use Linkedin. Also, it is a great social media for networking. Linkedin offers many options that will allow you to create a summary of your career, experience, qualifications, education and interests. It should accurately reflect your professional life, it should be updated accordingly and contain detailed descriptions of activities, events or education. But how do you stand out from your competitors?

Let’s start with the first impression – your profile picture. Profiles with professional photos have more chances to be viewed. Having the opportunity to meet online more than we have ever had, it is important to have a great online presence. As much as the first impression matters in real life, somehow the same rule can be applied online. By having a good profile photo, you are presenting yourself in a more positive way. Make sure to have a close-up of your face, not blurry and without any filters. Use a phone with a good camera or even hire a professional.

Speaking of photos, what kind of cover photo is the best choice for Linkedin? This is a photo that will appear at the top of your profile and use it to represent your activity, business or accomplishment. It can be a photo or an illustration. You can easily create your own illustration using one of many available apps and programs, such as Canva. If it is something that does not occupy your interest, you can hire a graphic designer to help you out.

Clear and compelling headline plays an important role in your Linkedin profile. Having only 120 characters, it is challenging to say a lot in such a small space. However, put effort into using keywords related to your industry mostly because the headline is shown in search results. Therefore, it can be a big plus or a big minus.

When interested people decide to visit your profile, one of the next things they will see is a summary. It is a section in which you have to explain why are you better than others. Use it to convince people you are the best choice for them. Focus on your target audience and think from their perspective.

The next thing that you will have to explain is your work experience. While some people might have something interesting to summarize, others might not. However, there is a trick. Every job requires a wide range or responsibilities, duties, importance and power. Use it! Work around the details and make it impressive to read. Don’t let a technical job title reduce the value of your work or make it less impressive because the title doesn’t fit the entire description.

Your skills can be endorsed by others. Therefore, put as many skills as you can think of focusing on uniqueness, utility, current industry needs and what you are best at. Sometimes, the recruiters are looking for specific skills so this gives you a chance to use this option for your personal benefit.

Let’s take a look at a few great examples:

Anthony English:
The winning move? Check out the experience and description of “A Coach for Women in Business”

Juhly Selby:
The winning move? Invitation and welcoming. This would be perfect for small businesses.

Jay Baer:
The winning move? Photos selection and opening lines of his summary indicating marketing competence.

Derek Friend:
The winning move? Listing of all courses, projects and an impressive number of publications. This indicates he is always learning.

Analyze the good examples and fill in the gaps. There are many more details that you can work on to make yourself more attractive for business. This can serve as a good starting point after which try to track your progress to optimize your profile and bring it to perfection.


Photo by Bastian Riccardi, Pexels.