Importance of evergreen content and how to create it

As part of the marketing strategy, it is necessary to produce articles that can be read at any time, articles that have no expiration date and that can always be current. Such articles will always be a boost to your SEO and can bring readers for years, therefore it is considered sustainable. Let’s clarify what evergreen content is.


Evergreen content refers to articles that are always relevant and stay fresh for a longer period. These kinds of topics should be created in a way to always engage your audience regardless of the time of the year, current events or location.


The opposite. News is not evergreen, reporting about current events, seasonal news, sports events, release dates, social media trends, statistics, reports, fashion trends… Everything that is short lasting or cannot be relevant at all times.


There are many reasons:

Drives traffic to your website – it can bring readers because it can rank higher on search engines

Higher rank – if the article is interesting and quality, it can rank high on search engines in combination with the right keywords

Backlinks – evergreen articles generate backlinks for a longer period which helps you rank higher

Promotion – you can repeat promotion over and over

Great value – you invest a certain amount of time and effort for something that will last for years

Generating leads – it can bring new readers or motivate the old ones to explore more

Less work – the more successful evergreen you have, the less work you have to put into creating new content


The most important thing is that you have to know your audience well to know exactly what they want to read. Analyze keywords, common problems and interests, and review feedback.

Try to think about what would be timeless and sustainable. Take the fact from the previous paragraph and combine it with something that people will always, often or occasionally find interesting. Be sure to write a quality article.

Track the development and interest in already published articles and follow the direction your audience is going. See which articles they like more and try to follow that flow. Write articles either in a similar format or on a similar topic. Experiment until you figure out what works best for you.

Sometimes it is necessary to refresh the existing content. If you think you have a reason or need to change part of the text or data in the text, it is advisable to do so.

Share occasionally on social networks and similar channels.


There are many examples and we will mention just a few:

How-to articles – people sometimes need explanations or instructions about something they may need often. For example, how to tie a tie, how to find a doctor, how to grow a plant, how to paint the wall, how to draw portraits, how to write an email, how to build a birdhouse…

Guide articles – such articles are used to simplify and explain the steps of a procedure. For example, a guide to using Instagram, a guide to going to the gym, a guide to visiting an archaeological site, a guide to writing evergreen articles…

Lists articles – people love reading lists because they’re interested in what’s on the list, what’s the rank, what’s in first or last place and it’s a simple overview. For example, a list of sites in Italy, a list of traditional meals, a list of the best family dogs, 10 best ways to cope with stress, 5 ways to get rid of a hangover, the most successful singers in the 90s…

History-of articles – History is one big fact and we cannot change it, so it is an inexhaustible source of evergreen content. For example, the history of ancient Greece, the evolution of hip hop, Ottoman rule, the history of using social media, the history of a celebrity career, company development…

Testimonials – sometimes people have to give statements about certain events they went through. Such statements can also be evergreen. For example, testimonials about participation in Eurovision, about surviving a war, about fraud, about the experience with a good resort, about a trip to an animal sanctuary…

Interviews – somewhat similar to testimonials, but not the same. Some interviews keep spinning because they are interesting while others are a source of useful information. For example, when a person does or says something important, people will look for old interviews or if an important interview full of controversial topics was made, it will be current and reviewed often and for a long time.

What kind of evergreen articles do you like to read?

And finally, what is important to note is that evergreens are extremely useful and necessary, but do not rely only on that content. Much more is needed to maintain a website, while evergreen content is just a great boost to the entire system.


Photo: Unsplash (Amelia Bertlet, Brooke Cagle)