Matija Pap attends the University of Zagreb studying Applied Science. Currently, he is a third-year student in the undergraduate study program. The program, that Pap is a part of, is Electrical Engineering and he specializes in Communication and Computer Technology.

Before enrolling in University, he attended the Technical school of Ruđer Bošković where he studied Computer Technology.


In the last 3 years, he had invested a lot of time in „crypto-verse“ learning and working on various kinds of projects. In those 3 years, he produced over 100 000 NFTs (Non-fungible tokens) on Ethereum and Solana as layer one solution and polygon as layer two solutions. Also, he made over 20 cryptocurrencies on BSC and ETH blockchains.

His working experience ranged from developing tokens and NFTs, implementing NFTs to MMORPG games, writing documentation and whitepapers, developing discord servers, developing telegram groups and chats to basic work as a chat and server moderator helping people understand projects and building community. His knowledge includes building communities on social media preferred by „crypto-verse“ like Telegram, Discord and Twitter.

Technical capabilities:

  • Developing generated NFTs with scripts in Javascript and HTML
  • Developing „handmade “ or single NFTs by automated process generated by marketplaces
  • Using pinata cloud for uploading whole collections on marketplaces such as Opensea
  • Developing smart contracts on BSC and ETH in solidity