Josip Durdov is a Croatian professional photographer with ten years of experience in photography and budgeting for various types of photography projects. In addition to photography, Durdov has a master’s degree from the University of Zadar, Croatia in primary education. He speaks English fluently.

He participated in dozens of photography workshops, of which he singles out three special ones;

• Igor Dugandžić – “Working with studio lighting” – Motovun, Istria, Croatia
• Nina Anić and Maja Jokić – “Heritage – wedding workshop” – Zagreb, Croatia
• Petar Jurica and Marko Marinković – “Share the Journey” – Split, Dalmatia, Croatia

As a photographer, Durdov has also acquired numerous certificates, primarily for the Adobe package that includes Lightroom, Photoshop and other programs. He is the owner and founder of the Durdov media business in Croatia. He has also been engaged in wedding photography as a niche for many years as he did several dozen weddings in various special photography techniques.


He began actively engaging in photography in 2014. He did more than 1,000 field jobs and 200 budgeting jobs for various projects in the small and medium business segment.

In 2017, Josip Durdov won the best photo in the Top 100 Nikon photos of the Balkan region, chosen among thousands of others in the regional competition “I am 100”, which was also shown at the Nikon exhibition in Belgrade in the same year.

He organized his own exhibition called “Small eyes in a big world”, which was successfully held in Gospić in 2019.

He has been a long-time associate of the award-winning Croatian marketing agency Prilika Group and Lika Club, the most widely read media in Lika. Among the biggest events, he independently covered are the Croatian Walking Festival (permanent associate for 3 years), Late night cave tour event near Plitvice Lakes (perennial photographer), GROCKS concerts in the town of Gospić (permanent collaborator for 3 years), welcoming the Croatian vice-champions from the 2019 World Cup at Ban Jelačić Square in Zagreb. Durdov is also a permanent contributor to the tourist magazine The Plitvice Times, and the author of several magazine covers.

Josip Durdov’s photos were often published in the most widely read media in Croatia.


Josip Durdov is a consultant for projects up to $20,000, and the main questions he answers are;

• What does the photographer include in the price of photography?
• How much does the surrounding affect the price of photography?
• How important is photography equipment for quality photography and what is its price?
• Why are educated photographers more valued than less educated ones?
• How to choose the right photographer?
• How to plan a budget for your project?
• What are the most important factors in preparing the photography budget for your project?