Grace Yusuf is an organizational psychologist, entrepreneur and sole owner of two international brands – The Gentilion and The Wealty Man Inc. She studied Advanced level Business, Economics and Sociology at the University of Cambridge and Organizational Psychology and the University of Ibadan in Nigeria.

Speaking of Graces’ brands:

The Gentilion is a brand that deals with developing content and other ghost writings for other brands and individuals, who want to use the art of words to convert their potential customers.

The Wealty Man Inc is a global brand to reach out to thousands of businesses, startups and established, with success-proof consultations to radically increase yearly productivity by 200% – 500%.

Throughout Grace’s career, she had written books and several articles on several platforms. She owns a blog where she imparts more practical and productive knowledge to fellow great minds. The University of Cambridge recognized her effort by honoring her with two awards of excellence from Advanced Level examinations.

Grace’s working experience includes 9 years of activity in writing and mentoring. Her working history includes:

The University of Cambridge A’Level Tutor | EAC – Supervising and preparing delegates for the Advanced Level Examinations in Business and Economics.

Business Ghostwriter | Upwork – Converting business ideas into accessible resources, in books, articles, and blog posts.

Business Strategist | LinkedIn – Upscaling businesses to build and optimize their brand imagery, using the perfect business strategy to yield a corresponding 200% -500% yearly increased productivity.

Budgeting consultant for: