Dinesh Punni is a developer specialized in immersive technologies such as Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and Mixed Reality. Dinesh holds a degree in computer science from Freie Universität Berlin. Furthermore, he has been awarded Certified Developer by the world’s leading platform for creating and operating interactive 3D content called Unity.


He began his professional career as an XR developer in 2016, after he became the virtual reality developer at the Technische Universität Berlin. He contributed the academic community with the creation of experimental software, applicable for different studies. The following year he became the founder and CEO of Immersive insiders. The company is specialized in immersive technologies (AR/VR) and has seen success and recognition in their teaching and promotion of immersive technologies.

Dinesh has also immense experience in the development of a mixed reality system for the Microsoft HoloLens in which he made numerous advancements. Furthermore, Dinesh was a head of XR department designated for researching, planning, and implementing custom-tailored AR and VR applications. His work on various sorts of rapid prototypes that leveraged the latest AR/VR devices and tools made the usage of immersive technologies much easier and closer to the actual needs of customers.

For his experience and expertise in the field of immersive technologies (AR/VR), he was invited as a speaker to the TEDXTU Berlin event in March of 2021.


Dinesh offers three main services:

  1. A course for becoming a professional AR/VR Developer with fundamental programming and design skills.
  2. Public speaking expertise for high-profile events in XR and Metaverse.
  3. Content creation, where he offers a showcase of your XR Product, SDK, or Platform to his audience of over 1M YouTube subscribers and 20K social media followers composed of XR professionals which will make your content visible to your target audience.