Best video distribution platforms for video marketing in 2023

Although YouTube brought the video revolution to the Internet, at that time there were no social networks that exist today for network users to use their full financial, promotional and business potential.

With the advent of Tik Tok, online video distribution has become more important than ever. People expressed the need for such a social network format, so others rushed to make adjustments to meet the needs of the audience.

An interesting fact is that the content ratio on Instagram in October 2022 was:
– photos 71.9%, video 14.2% and carousel 13.9%.
And in February 2023:
– photos 49.9%, video 32.8% and carousel 17.3%.

From this, you can see the industry volatility, the speed of change and the need to adapt.

Because video as content is more important than ever and it is massively used as a tool in business and different industries, what are the best video distribution platforms for video marketing today?


Youtube has 2.1b monthly users which is making it the first choice. The best part of it is that it is free to use. It gives you an option of sharing your video content, live streaming, creating ads, sorting out playlists and so on. The biggest cons would be losing the video rights and not enough optimization for business use.


Vimeo is significantly smaller than Youtube with 170m users. However, around 90% of the users actually pay for the subscription which goes from 8 to 60 euros a month. The biggest of the pros is no ads. Speaking of cons, it is maybe needed to improve web design.


The biggest social media in the world is logically one of the best choices for video marketing. With 2.95b users, you have an opportunity to reach 24% of people in the whole world. Crazy, right? Keep in mind that the population using Facebook is overall older than the population using Youtube.


Tik tok started the most recent video revolution. This network made just for video distribution has around 1b users. Being one of the biggest social media in the world, it has incredible potential and has actually helped numerous people and brands get discovered or go viral


With the recent emergence of Tik Tok, Instagram decided to introduce reels as an integral part of the network. It was a good business move to keep users. Having 2.35b users, Instagram is an incredible stage where you can perform and impress the audience.


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LinkedIn has around 922m users. If you decide to use Linkedin for your video distribution, keep in mind that this network is not made for entertainment. It is business oriented and a bit more “serious” than all the others on this list. Depending on what audience you are going for, Linkedin is great for B2B activity.


Twitter has the strongest hashtag game in the industry. That is important to take into account when you are posting your content there. With the right method, you have a possibility of reaching 450m users.


Oriented toward live streaming video games, this network has around 140m users. Although not exclusively used for video games, it mostly focuses on such content. Depending on what industry you’re in, what your content is, and what audience you want to reach, Twitch offers you great opportunities to distribute video content.

In your opinion, which network is the best for sharing video content?

Photo: Pexels (Blue Bird)