20 most followed Facebook pages (June, 2023)

Facebook is undoubtedly the strongest social media in the world. Because of this position, it has an incredible influence on society and business.

Many entrepreneurs have achieved success or part of their success thanks to their activities on Facebook. Using the features that Facebook offers, it is possible to build a brand, community or audience, launch a marketing strategy, find a new sales channel, promote an offer, etc.

Being active on Facebook is quite difficult for some, sometimes even unsuccessful, but some have succeeded. Today we will single out those who not only succeeded but became the best.

Let’s take a look at the most followed Facebook pages:

20. Netflix (Video on demand service from USA) – 89m followers

19. China Xinhua News (State media from China) – 94m followers

18. Eminem (Musician from USA) – 95m followers

17. Rihanna (Musician from Barbados) – 104m followers

16. Tasty (Media from USA) – 106m followers

15. YouTube (Video streaming service from USA) – 106m followers

14. China Daily (State media from China) – 107m followers

13. Vin Diesel (Actor from USA) – 107m followers

12. Coca-Cola (Product and service from USA) – 109m followers

11. FC Barcelona (Football club from Spain) – 112m followers

10. Leo Messi (Football player from Argentina) – 114m followers

9. Will Smith (Actor from USA) – 115m followers

8. Real Madrid C.F. (Football club from Spain) – 118m followers

7. CGTN (State media from China) – 120m followers

6. Shakira (Musician from Colombia) – 122m followers

5. 5-Minute Crafts (Media from Cyprus) – 126m followers

4. Mr. Bean (Fictional character from UK) – 137m followers

3. Samsung (Product and service from South Korea) – 162m followers

2. Cristiano Ronaldo (Football player from Portugal) – 163m followers

1. Facebook (Social media platform from USA) – 188m followers

Are you surprised by this list? What were your expectations?

Photo: Unsplash (Timothy Hales Bennett, Alexander Shatov)